A woman in the forest looking at products for the Akamai Essentials Kit Review and Giveaway



Every single choice you make has the opportunity to impact our earth.

Every time you wash your hair.

Every time you shave your legs.

Every time you brush your teeth.

All those mundane tasks on your to-do list that seem boring and unimportant.


A woman in the forest looking at products for the Akamai Essentials Kit Review and Giveaway


Every single choice you make has the opportunity to impact our earth.

I recently tested a set of products that bring this vision to life – of living with purpose, allowing every detail to fill with significance, and aligning my vanity with my ethics. Making my beauty routine beautiful. Protecting the earth and sky and water as it serves and protects me in return.

Akamai Essentials Kit

Akamai is different. They’re not trying to sell – in fact, they’re trying to get you to buy less. Their ethos is Less is More, actively encouraging you to use less, wash less, worry less. They are keen to help you break free of The Personal Care Industrial Complex– which would see you using, buying, and spending more more more on products to fill your life with nonsense, the oceans with pollution, and the landfill with hideous rubbish.

Akamai is not about products. It’s about ideas. Creating true beauty consciousness and a beautiful mindset. Creating a lifestyle that effortlessly integrates your individual needs with beautiful simplicity.

Developing intelligent health, wellness, and hygiene practices that protect and preserve our bodies and our earth. They rebel against consumerism by championing multi purpose products that eliminate the need for a cabinet full of potions and lotions (that are often plum full of nasty chemicals and dodgy ingredients.

The Review

My husband and I both had the pleasure of getting cozy with the Akamai Essentials Kit– which consists of two 3-in-1 Bars, Mineral Toothpaste, and Skin Fuel. The packaging is minimal and recyclable. Thorough instructions are included for optimal use. The kit is intended to last for two months for one person.

This is what happened:

Akamai Essentials Kit in the forest, complete with toothpaste, facial oil, and body bar.


Mineral Toothpaste:

Unlike any natural toothpaste I’ve ever tried before, this formula is not sweet. In fact, it’s a little salty (due to mineral rich sea salt being in the mix). Very strange to begin with, but not at all unpleasant. It’s free of all sweeteners, and the lovely mix of essential oils makes for a bit of a Christmas party in my mouth.

After several weeks of use, both my husband and myself are impressed. Previous experience with other natural toothpastes left our teeth and gums sensitive and irritable. Akamai’s remineralizing formula actually acts to bolster the integrity of teeth and gums, remove toxins, and gently fight bacteria (preserving the natural micro-biome for self regulation – very important!)

You can even dab it on cold sores and pimples for inflammation reduction. Genius.

3-in-1 Bar:

I was most skeptical about this one. Our 3-in-1 friend is touted for use as a shampoo, shaving soap and general cleanser. Wary of using “soap” on my hair and skin, I was scared of consequences (I am sensitive to harsh detergents, chemicals, and fragrances – plus, most soaps strip out all the goodness, leaving nothing but dry desert behind).

However, encouraged by the packaging which states, “Get clean in a wiser way. Reality is, the less you mess with your skin and hair, the healthier they will be. Just soap the stinky parts,” I proceeded with caution.

What a pleasant surprise! Although it felt weird to rub a bar of soap over my hair, it was a wonderful shampoo. I only wash my hair every two  (I have strange problem child hair that is both crispy and greasy) and Mr. 3-in-1 did the job beautifully.

Unlike traditional shampoos, it’s not foamy, brightly colored, or heavily scented. Simple, natural ingredients make for a gently sudsing cleanse that is creamy, but light. When used on the skin, it is smooth and nourishing. I generally hate soap because it feels more like industrial waste removal agents are hijacking the top 6 layers of my skin—but this stuff is built for long term relationships, with your overall and lasting wellbeing very much in mind.

A blue bell in the forest.

Skin Fuel:

I love oil for skin. Once I was brave enough to make the switch 5 years ago, I have never looked back. It’s the only way I cleanse and moisturize.

Saying that, I have dry skin that is acne prone. I have spent years honing my skin regimen, and tuned it to a place of perfection for my set of circumstances.

Skin Fuel is a mix of oils, and I was apprehensive about complicating matters. However, my fears were soon allayed: Skin Fuel sinks in quickly (unlike most elemental oils), never leaving a greasy finish. You can put in on any time of day, multiple times of day, and under any make-up. It sinks in and leaves my face fresh and glowing, but never shiny. My reactive skin remained totally calm and happy. Very balanced and no acne flare ups.

My husband loves it too (it smells of Rosemary, which is perfectly unisex); it’s great for sensitive skin after a close shave, preventing razor rash and spots.

It can also be used as a hair conditioner, beard oil, aftersun, aftershave, scalp treatment, and soothing salve.


A woman looking at the roots of a tree and wearing an ivy crown

A Final Thought on Akamai 

Guess what- after all that benefit that my husband and I personally enjoyed, we saved the planet a little bit. Cared for the bees. Let the deer drink fresh water from a mountain stream. Allowed farmers to grow and harvest the ingredients without life threatening exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

Choose beauty that matters. Care about how every decision you make impacts the world and its creatures.


p.s. Get in on the action and sign up for a chance to win a FREE Akamai Essentials Kit to celebrate Earth Day in the most beautiful way. Hop in quick: Competition ends Sunday, April 30th, 2017 (midnight GMT).