Jars of oil, bars of soap, and an airplant set out for the biOty garden Organic Avocado Oil Review


biOty garden Organic Avocado Oil 1 Litre/£16.90 UK



A wonderful oil that will blow your socks off at the sheer amount of internal, external, health, beauty, and life improving goodness it provides.


Can be used for cooking, cosmetic creation, or as an elemental moisturizer/conditioner for hair, skin, and nails. 



  • 100% Soil Association Certified Organic
  • Suitable for culinary and cosmetic use
  • Excellent value for money
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • GMO Free
  • Chemical, pesticide, additive, synthetic, rubbish free
  • “Naturally and lightly” processed/refined
  • Low allergen option for those with nut/wheat/grain sensitivities
  • Larger quantity means less packaging and shipping impact on environment
  • Available on Amazon and many other online retailers
  • Benefits and uses:
    • Anti-aging; fine lines, wrinkles
    • Antioxidant rich
    • Dandruff
    • Hair conditioner
    • High in Magnesium
    • High in vitamins A, D, and especially E
    • Home-made cosmetics, lotions, potions, and soaps
    • Joint Pain Relief
    • Hair growth stimulation/thickener/strengthener for head, lashes, and brows, especially
    • Make-up removal
    • Massage – neutral carrier oil
    • Moisturizer for hair and skin
    • Nail and cuticle moisturizer
    • Oil cleaning carrier oil
    • Psoriasis relief
    • Reverse skin damage
    • Soap making
    • Tighten SkinBottles and jars of oil, decorative rocks, plants and ornaments set out for the biOty garden Organic Avocado Oil Review


  • Not widely available outside of the UK/EU
  • Caution should be used by all pregnant and breastfeeding women when using any oil remedy
  • May trigger an adverse reaction in those with a latex allergy
  • Not suitable for facial use for acne sufferers due to high oleic acid content
    Poppy seed heads, jars of oil, sea shells, and river stones set out for the biOty garden Organic Avocado Oil Review


I bough this primarily so that my partner could make soap with it. It’s an excellent soft oil pairing that is extremely nourishing, conditioning, and preserving of both skin and hair.

I have strange, crispy dry hair that doesn’t tolerate astringent cleaners or any alcohol based products (that stuff sneaks into everything!), so I had my partner make me a hair conditioning bar.

The bar is creamy as a French pastry puff, and has done my mop top no end of good. Super calming and nourishing, it doesn’t leave behind any sticky residues or greasy afterglow.

It’s also tippity pippity top for homemade lotions, cosmetics, salves, and concoctions. With naturally high amounts of Vitamin E content, it constantly works to heal blemishes and erase scarring – safely and effectively. It doesn’t happen over night – but anyone who’s selling those kinds of claims, has an emergency exit they’re not telling you about.

Home-brew beauty recipes often call for olive oil, but I’ve found this oil to be the most stable and moisturizing of all elemental oils I’ve tried. If you are into DIY beauty, invest in organic avocado oil and watch the quality and shelf life of your goods blow you eternal kisses.

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