Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Bud Q-tips in a box, with some in a jar and an air plant next to it


Simply Organic Cotton Bud Q-tips £2.09/200 or




You might think that reviewing Q-tips is stupid. So boring, right?


But it’s little details like Q-tips that get overlooked by even the most well-meaning of folks… until BOOM! We’ve suddenly got a massive floating island of plastic in the ocean.


Organic Q-tips are important, I don’t care what you say. We are talking about them.

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Bud Q-tips on white wood with an air plant and shells next to them



  • 100% Soil Association certified organic cotton tips
  • Bio-degradeable paper stem
  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero additives, colorings, artificals, chemicals, preservatives, or nasties
  • No animal testing 
  • Simply Gentle Organic have a wide range of cotton products, including baby safe buds, cotton balls, makeup removal pads, and face cloths
  • Can be purchased in Whole Foods, on Amazon, and from various online retailers 




  • Mildly more expensive than your average Q-tip brand – but very high quality and ethical 
  • Only available in the UK at the above price


Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Bud Q-tips next to spilled blue wax on white wood


Cotton is one of the most toxic, pesticide heavy crops in the world. So, even if you’re not concerned about personal health implications, you should consider what a huge impact the humble Q-tip is having on the air, soil, animals, and people who are involved in cotton production: one-hundred-MILLION Q-tips are made in the US each year alone.


I’d happily pay an extra few pennies to know that I am not boiling the planet.


I use these Q-tips every day. I practically make my dinner with them. So it’s important to me that they’re sustainable. And these work a treat. They have never ever proved themselves inferior to any other Q-tip brand – and as a makeup artist and skin specialist, I’ve spent more than your average person’s amount of time thinking about these little cotton cuties.


And just to be clear: there is absolutely no need for plastic sticks.

Come on.


Unless you are cleaning your ears and removing your makeup while deep sea diving, it is simply NOT necessary to have a plastic stick anywhere near a Q-tip. If you are so heavy handed that you break the pressed paper stick, then it might be time to give the gym a rest.


So thank you, Simply Gentle, for being sensible about that detail. I love so much that you have dedicated your business to creating small products that make such a huge difference. 


These folks are super environmentally conscious, making provision for wildlife biodiversity and the safety of their producers and extended communities.


This means that you could be saving the lives of hundreds of people and critters each year. Just with a Q-tip. Think about it. Buy beauty that makes a difference.




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