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Naissance Organic Castor Oil 1 Litre

£12.99 UK

$12.99 USA 




This super gooey, honey like oil is deliciously dynamic. Light colored and inexpensive, it’s a healing master.

Truly essential for any green, eco-conscious, health and beautifying mama.

Use it to Be Acne Free in 2 Easy Steps (the FREE guide to the all-natural method your dermatologist won’t tell you)!

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  • 100% Soil Association Certified Organic
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent value for money, particularly when larger quantities are purchased
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • GMO Free
  • Chemical, pesticide, additive, synthetic, rubbish free
  • Ethical supplier
  • Packaging is recyclable, sustainable, and/or biodegradable
  • Less packaging and environmental impact due to bulk quantity
  • Free shipping on UK orders over £25
  • Available on Amazon
  • Available in the UK and US
  • Can be used for:
    • Acne!
    • Anti-aging; fine lines, wrinkles, age spots
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Balancing oily skin
    • Chaffing and rashes
    • Compress for wounds, pain, illness, splinters, infection, cramps, digestive discofort
    • Dandruff and itchy scalp
    • Detoxification
    • Digestive discomfort
    • Hydration and moisturization of skin and hair
    • Hair growth stimulation/thickener – head, lashes, brows
    • Hair strengthener – head, lashes, brows,
    • Keratin boosting (the protein in skin, hair and nails that makes them strong and lush)
    • Massage
    • Menstrual cramps
    • Nail Strengthener
    • Oil Cleaning Method
    • Reduce muscular aches and pains
    • Rheumatism
    • Split ends
    • Stretch marks
    • Under-eye circles and bags

A wooden table with oil, leaves, spoons, and old keys for the Naissance Organic Castor Oil Review



  • Difficult to remove if it gets in eyes
  • Can stain clothing due to viscous nature
  • Caution should be used by all pregnant and breastfeeding women when using any oil remedy


Bottles and pots full of oil with spoons and leaves and rocks for the Naissance Organic Castor Oil Review


Castor oil is one of the most important ingredients in my cupboard. I use it daily, and it saved my skin from 15 years of humiliating acne.

I’ve been buying liters of castor oil from Naissance for years. Besides my skin, it became a huge part of my healing journey; I spent over a decade battling debilitating digestive issues, and I used castor oil compresses for detoxification. So powerful.

All I would say is that you should be mindful of what you wear if you’re going to go rolling around in the stuff; it did leave some greasy stains that I’ve had trouble shifting. Small price to pay, I’d say, but keep your cashmere in the closet.

I talk about Naissance a ton because they’re the beauty bomb. Aside from being my fave UK essential and elemental oil supplier, they kick butt at bulk buying (bulk is the absolute best way to get high quality health and beauty supplies for cheap without compromising on quality or ethics).

You can’t find oils in these quantities at this quality anywhere else, without going full-on wholesale. Plus, when you can buy in larger quantities, it means less packaging and transport all the way around – and I’m always happy to know that my vanity is paving the way for a greener, safer, healthier planet.

I recommend castor oil to the entire planet, cosmos, and all divine beings.




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