Some organic ashwagandha on a piece of wood with a spoon and pine cones


Sevenhills Wholefoods Raw Organic Ashwagandha Powder 1kg/£20


The benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic powder are more powerful than anything that could come from a bottle, tube, or syringe.

Better than serums, and longer lasting than even your most expensive cream, ashwagandha’s internal and external benefits make this the best beauty bargain of the year (and possibly your life).


Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Ashwagandha in a sea shell being held by a lady's hand

  • Can be used for/as:
    • Adaptogenic
    • Adrenal Fatigue support
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Anti-oxidant
    • Anti-cancer
    • Anti-aging
    • Anti-anxiety
    • Blood pressure regulation
    • Blood sugar regulation
    • Candida elimination
    • Dental health
    • Depression
    • Detoxification
    • Dry Skin
    • Energy boost
    • Fights fatigue
    • Healthy, shiny hair, and
    • Hair fall/loss reduction
    • Hormone balancing
    • Immune boosting
    • Improves circulation for glowing skin
    • Keratosis support
    • Mood improvement
    • Prevents graying hair
    • Scalp health, including eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff
    • Sleep promoting
    • Stimulates collagen production
    • Thyroid support


  • A bitter taste that might offend delicate palates
  • Limited availability outside the UK (prices may be different to the above listed) – though other Sevenhills Wholefoods products widely available for international consumption via retailers such as

A bag of Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Ashwaganda with a vine wreath and some pine cones and a sea shell



I started taking this supplement for the mood improving benefits. It quickly became apparent that ashwagandha was going to set some serious fireworks off in my life – in a good way.

If you think your mood doesn’t have anything to do with your beauty, you be wrong sweet cheeks! The way you feel effects the way you perceive the world. They way you perceive the world is the way you perceive yourself… so if we do the math here, beautiful mood=beautiful life.

Aside from the many physically enhancing benefits of this wonder dust, my mind was blown sky wide open. I had NO idea just how much mood effected the way I felt about myself; ashwagandha is such a powerful mood enhancer, that it radically shifted my personal insight.

Where before I was habituated to notice the acne, dry skin, and flabby thighs, I began to feel a metal calm and kindness that created space for these things to exist without criticism.

Now, I know this all sounds like a very convenient beauty blogger claim, but I do not publish disingenuous content; ashwaganda was indispensable when it came to improving my self-image, my resilience to imperfection, and my ability to overcome self-doubt.

If that’s not beauty at it’s deepest, darkest core, I don’t know what is.

Being totally transparent, I have tried several other brands of ashwagandha; the Sevenhills folks offer the most potent powder I’ve ever tried. Hands right down, it’s the best.

Plus, Sevenhills Wholefoods are SO ethical. I deeply admire and respect their social and environmental outreach, in additional to the conscious business choices that are made while producing such high quality products.

Listen, sister – you want to get real about beauty? You want lasting results that get into your soul and radiate like cosmic explosions? Then go deep. Get real. Go in.




I purchased this product myself, free of any affiliate relationship. All opinions and experiences are entirely true and my own.

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